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Bandeja paisa

Bandeja paisa

If you want to try out Colombian gastronomy on the holiday to Bogot, you need to attempt “Bandeja Paisa,” one of the most typical Colombian dishes that may create full (believe me), but wanting for more.

Colombian gastronomy is filled with taste and amazing substances. Evidence of this is a Colombian typical recipe called “Bandeja paisa”, a dish considering the variety of factors which combine so very well which it will make you rethink exactly how much is too significantly. This plate is common from Antioquia, a region from northwest Colombia, but you will discover it easily inside the money. Even should it be not much of a normal dish from Bogot, it’s so colombian that everyone, in almost any region, adores it! And believe me, you will not regret seeking it! This short article will help you get by means of every single aspect of the dish and leave you wanting to give it a try without delay, so put together to get a craving for “Bandeja paisa” without the need of tasted it but.

Powdered various meats

Indeed, you go through that appropriate: powdered various meats is among the crucial parts of the “Bandeja paisa”. It is made of prepared and veteran beef transferred throughout the food cpu, leaving behind a natural powder packed with flavoring and perfect to blend with the other dish parts.

In the event you would not choose to never eat your meats in natural powder kind, and also you think it will probably be way too strange, you can order this meal with a steak, although the standard strategy is using the meats made into airborne dirt and dust.


People constantly claim that each society or region has a basic breakfast cereal, just like the western world has whole wheat, as well as the Mexicans and Latino Americans have corn. When it comes to Colombia, I feel there are two, initially corn clearly, but additionally rice is actually a basic component of their food items.

You will discover a well-known Colombian key phrase which says “if there exists rice, there is certainly lunch” (Si hay arroz, hay almuerzo). And it is correct, it is quite uncommon to discover a Colombian lunch or dinner without having rice, which means that this common recipe could not be the different. The bright white rice from the “Bandeja paisa” is essential to combine of the other ingredients.


In addition, this plate has pinto legumes stewed with onion, tomato, carrot and sometimes pork hocks, which leave gentle and drenched beans that mix properly with rice and powder meat. Already craving this meal? Hold out there’s a lot more, much more.


Chicharrn is one thing you will have to try in Colombia, it is actually enjoyed as an entre or like a goody, yet it is also a crucial part of this excellent meal. It really is fried pork tummy Colombian-style!, fried flawlessness, need I have faith that much more?


Just as if it were inadequate, this meal also provides chorizo, a variety of pork sausage that you’ve probably read about before asit is standard in many Hispanic places, however are various different, along with the Colombian chorizo has something great, you will realize.

Avocado, arepa, pltano and fried ovum

Last of all, the “Bandeja paisa” tops everything else we have now seen, with a bit of avocado, fried wonderful plantain, arepa (common cornbread) along with a fried egg cell!

A perfect combine

Don’t you imagine this combine noises great? In this instance, a lot of is not going to really exist appropriate? I am talking about, meat, legumes, rice, avocado, chicharrn, arepa, ovum, chorizo, I virtually would like if there have been much more!

Since you now know what “Bandeja paisa” is, I’m confident you’re passing away to try it. Usually do not be concerned, if you go to Colombia you’ll think it is in many places.

In Bogot, for example, it is possible to have a excellent “Bandeja paisa” even should it be not much of a standard meal from Bogot. Because the funds is so huge and diverse, you can find Colombian gastronomy from all territories, that`s one of the beauties from it:the flavor of most of Colombia in a single area. In Bogot, you can consider this unique recipe in: Comedorcito Paisa (, Andrs (, El consulado paisa, El poblado, and many more.

A bandeja paisa may cost you between 25.000 and 40.000 colombian pesos ($8 -13 USD). I recommend that you eat this plate for lunch time simply because it’s quite a heavy recipe, that you can inform by its ingredients! It’s the perfect lunch time to give you all the energy to continue visiting Bogot and be full right up until meal! Or even until finally breakfast time the very next day. And if you want to turn this practical experience more Colombian, you ought to take in it along with a tropical juice like lulo or maracuy.

Do you wish to try this dish? Share your opinions around, what more would you like to consider in Colombia? Check out our internet site and you will definitely get various other posts that may create thrilled to visit this outstanding region. The Bandeja paisa and many other fantastic issues wait for you!

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